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I have been  collecting old cookbooks and



researching simple Southern recipes that

have been forgotten or misplaced, most of



which are all about comfort cooking.  I am



sharing many of these old recipes on



my site with you.      —Mac     

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Hot peppers in a bottle.
Hot Pepper Vinegar Sauce
A bottle of our Hot Pepper Vinegar Sauce.
Recipes for Fall BBQ's and Picnics
Southern Crockpot BBQ
Our BBQ Beans
Picnic Coleslaw
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Deviled  Eggs
Layered Salad
Everyman's Fried Chicken

We are still getting yellow squash in



the garden and the local markets



seem to have plenty right now.  

Our Squash Casserole recipe freezes



beautifully and tastes so good when



heated up in the middle of winter.

And the Squash Patties make a great



appetizer ant time of the year.

Our savory and delicious Squash Casserole.
A plate of our mouth-watering Squash Patties
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