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Recipes are like stories; they can change from person to person.  Everyone has their idea of how a recipe should be, even



though it may have changed from the original.  We will never know the true author of the original recipe, regardless of what



some may say.  That's why I go back and look through the oldest cookbooks  I can find.  Sometimes it's not the recipe in



the books that I find, but the tiny pieces of handwritten recipes and newspaper articles that are stuck within the pages. 



That's where the real story is, finding those simple Southern recipes.



I like keeping life simple!



I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.  I am passionate about cooking and wish that I could garden outside year-round.

My kitchen is where I feel most comfortable.  I have a sitting area in the corner, where I curl up with a book, usually a  cookbook, although occasionally, it may be a book on gardening or a seed catalog.  I grew up in the mid-south and live 70 miles from where I was born.  In the summer, I garden, can, freeze and dehydrate (mostly herbs and spices) just as those who came before me.  I feel so good when my pantry and freezers are packed in the fall, and I know my hard work has paid off.   


I am thankful that I come from a family of amazing women, each a fabulous cook and gardener.  My grandmother, Laura Lee Alice, had a wood and an electric stove in her kitchen.   So much of my creativity comes from her, my mother and our Southern heritage.  I am truly blessed!

Keeping things simple is what makes me happy, especially the food I prepare.  Sometimes we can get overwhelmed when preparing a complicated recipe with a long list of ingredients.  I like flavor, not necessarily overly spicy, but food that just tastes good!   I am constantly trying new recipes but I keep returning to the ones that have been reliable, like good friends. 



Blogger, Journalist, Food-Lover


Thanks Sara for the great sketch!

Fresh Strawberries
Cookbook with a cup of coffee.
Purple Statice
Picture of Laura Lee Alice #lauraleealice

Like my grandmother, pictured here, I am detailed oriented and sometimes tend to take things a bit too serious, but I do love it when things work out the way I had hoped!

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