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Chicken Stock or Bone Broth

I started making Chicken Stock a few years ago after I had a very



disappointing trip to the grocery store.  They were out of chicken stock so I



bought broth and it was pathetic with no smell or flavor.  I had made stock off



and on for a long time but making TIME was the problem.   

I use a lot of stock (beef and chicken) in my cooking so I made it a habit to set



aside time, usually once a month, to make stock for our household.





One of the best things about making your own stock is that you




control the amount of salt that goes in.  I do use bouillon sometimes




but since it does contain a lot of salt, I try to avoid it.

About the Ingredients. . .


  Chicken bones-The amount of ingredients below is for one and a




    half pounds of bones or carcasses.  Most grocery stores will sell you




   chicken bones or give them to you free if you give them advanced




   notice.  I also save the carcasses from roasted chickens or turkeys,




   place them in the freezer until I'm ready for them.  Do not use




   chicken pieces with a lot of meat on the bones; most of the flavor




   and goodness comes from the bones.  Plus the meat doesn't taste




   really good after it has cooked for a long time.


•  Celery-I use one stalk of cleaned and rough chopped celery


•  Carrots-Same as the celery but I use one medium carrot.

•  Onion-One half of a medium onion, rough chopped

•  Water-Use filtered if possible, especially if your water has lots of




   chlorine.  It does affect the taste and the final results.

•  Vinegar-It helps to draw more flavor and goodness from the bones;




   you won't taste it either.

•  Sea salt-I use one teaspoon per 1½ pound batch.

•  Cracked pepper-¼ tsp per 1½ pound batch.

Did you know that Bone Broth is not only nutritious but chocked full of 




vitamins and minerals.  It's also been proven that it contains amino




acids which help your immune system, repairs your body, and




supports your skin.  Not all bone broth is equal though and it depends




on the amount quality of the bones.

You can see the layer of chicken fat (schmaltz) in the picture above. 




Once it's cold (picture below), I will remove it and freeze in small




portions to use at a later time.

You don't have to remove the fat; it has great flavor.  After removing




the chicken and vegetables with my spider strainer, I  use strainer




with a handle like a scoop to get out the large bits and then this




strainer to remove the rest, leaving a beautiful broth.  You don't have




to do the  fine straining like I did; it depends on how you intend to use




your broth.

Sometimes I like to use the broth in clear soups, like a consommé.

Ramen soup make with our Chicken Bone Broth.
Basic ingredients for our homemade Chicken Stock.
Fresh Chicken Stock ready to be refrigerated.
Made in USA
Chicken Stock or Bone Broth Recipe


•  1½ lbs chicken or turkey bones or carcass* (adjust to what you have)

•  1 stalk of celery, cleaned and rough chopped

•  1 medium carrot, cleaned and rough chopped

•  Water to cover by 3 inches, regardless of the amount in the pot

•  2 tsp vinegar

•  1 tsp sea salt

•  ¼ tsp cracked pepper

You will need a large pot with a lid; it needs to have a 3-inch



headspace after adding the water.


1.   Place all the ingredients in a large pot.  Cover with water; start



     cooking on high; turn to low when you see it starting to boil; top with



     the lid.


2.  Cook for a minimum of 12 hours; 18 is better; 24 is best.


3.  Remove the bones and vegetables when done.  Using a fine sieve,



     strain all the stock into a bowl or jars.  Cover and let sit until it can be



     refrigerated.  I have found this to be the best way; the



     fat** (schmaltz) is easier to remove this way.

  *If you are using a carcass, it's best to "break it up' before putting in



    the pot.  

**I remove the fat and put it in a jar in the fridge (1 week) or freeze it in



   2 Tbsp amounts (6 months).



• The chicken fat is great for gravy, carmelized onions-just



   about anywhere you would use butter.  I've even used it in



   making biscuits!



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