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              Our Baked Beans


Actually, I can't take full credit for this recipe; it's mostly my



husband's creation (hence, the "Our").  It has changed over the



last twenty or thirty years to what it is now*.  BTW, this recipe



can be done entirely in a skillet.


•  Bacon-Use a good quality bacon, not smoked or flavored.

•  Onion-A sweet onion works great in this recipe if you have it.

•  Pork and beans-You will need 2 (15-oz) cans or the equivalent of

   a good quality beans.

•  Brown sugar-If you like your beans on the sweet side, add up to

   half a cup of packed brown sugar.  Otherwise, just add a quarter

   of a cup.

•  Prepared mustard-No fancy stuff here; just the normal stuff.


•  5 slices of bacon, cooked and crumbled  leaving about 2



   drippings in skillet

•  1 small onion, diced

•  ½ cup ketchup

•  2 (15-oz) cans of pork and beans (only drain 1 can)


•  ¼ to ½ cup packed brown sugar

•  1 Tbsp prepared mustard

Grease an  8-x-8 baking dish or use Pam



1.  Cook bacon on low-medium heat until golden brown; drain



    but leave 2 tsp drippings in the pan.  Crumble bacon and set




2.  Saute the onions on low-medium heat until almost tender. 



     Add the bacon and the rest of the ingredients to the  pan**;



     stir gently and pour into the prepared 8-x-8 baking dish.

3. Bake at 350°F for up to 30 minutes until bubbly and brown



    around the edges.

*When we first made this recipe, we didn't drain the pork and



  beans;  we just let the mixture cook on low heat in a skillet



  until it was the consistency that we liked, but the beans were



  a little too soft (mushy).  This recipe worked much better.  We



  also like the "crust"  (caramelized sugar) that forms along



  the edges.


       **At this point you can also leave it in the skillet and let it cook



           slowly, gently stirring,  until thickened to your taste.




•  For a more rustic flavor, add ¼ cup molasses.

•  Add a small pinch of cayenne pepper.

•  This recipe is easily doubled; just use an 11-x-7 baking dish.


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