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Calamondin Liqueur

I know you're thinking, "What is that"?  Well, the calamondin is a



very small orange that's a cross between a mandarin and a



kumquat.  It has a slightly bitter taste and, when sugar and vodka



are added, makes a wonderful liqueur.  Or when just the zest is



combined with vodka, it makes a very fragrant extract.












Two years ago I took pity on a small neglected calamondin orange



plant at one of the big box stores in my area.  It was marked down



to two or three dollars so I took it home.  After soaking it in a bucket



of water for a couple of hours, I proceeded to repot it, kept it in the



shade for a week or so, then gradually put it in a place where it



received some sun for most of the day.   

Unlike lemons or oranges, the peel of the calamondin is very thin, so



there is no white pith to worry with.  FYI, the peel is sweeter than the



juice.  You can use any citrus fruit for this and the amount of sugar



used depends on personal taste.  I like to use it as an extract too so I



tend to use less sugar.


citrus liqueur. calamondin liqueur, citrus extract


Calamondin Liqueur




You will need a jar/bottle that can be sealed.  








•  Calamondin peel*

•  Sugar


•  Water



•  Vodka


1.   Cut the peel into ½-inch strips and stuff into a jar.

2.  Put ½ cup sugar and ¼ cup water into a small glass measuring



     cup; microwave for one minute; remove and stir until the sugar is



     dissolved.  Pour sugar mixture over the peel; add vodka until the



     peel is covered by one inch.


3.  Put the lid on securely and shake until all the sugar is dissolved.

     Continue shaking every couple of days for at least 2 months.

4.  Taste every 2 weeks, you can add more sugar water (2 parts



     sugar to 1 part water) if necessary, but do it early in the process.

*You can use any citrus fruit for this, BUT make sure only the colorful



  part of the peel is used.

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