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Best Pumpkin Bread     Makes 2, 7-inch loaves



For those of you  who bake for gifts or a fair, this is an ideal



recipe for you.  It is so delicious, moist, and tender.  Plus, it's so



easy to make.  All the familiar fall spices are included in this



recipe so the aroma is incredible.  Read the options below for



more information.


Nuts are definitely an options for this bread, but raisins and



dates would also be good.


















Best Pumpkin Bread



•  1¾ all-purpose flour, scooped into measuring cup and leveled off

•   ¾ tsp baking powder

•  1 tsp baking soda

•  ¾ tsp salt

•  1½ cups sugar

•  1 tsp cinnamon

•  1 tsp nutmeg

•  ½ tsp cloves

•  ½ tsp ginger

•  2 eggs, well beaten

•  ½ cup of a good vegetable oil 

•  ¼ cup melted butter

•  ½ cup milk  

•  1 cup canned pumpkin

• 1 cup chopped nuts, raisins or dates (optional)

Preheat oven to 325°F.  You will need 2, 7-inch loaf pans*, buttered and



floured or buttered, lined with parchment.


1.  In a large bowl, whisk the first 5 ingredients plus the spices.  In a



    medium bowl, combine the eggs, oil, butter, milk and pumpkin; mix




2.  Add the pumpkin mixture to the flour mixture and stir until mixed



    t horoughly; fold in walnuts.

3.  Divide the mixture evenly between the 2 prepared pans.  Bake in



     preheated oven for 50 to 60 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in



     center comes out clean.

*The loaves shown were baked in 3 by 7-inch loaf pans (bottom





•  I used refined coconut oil, melted for the loaves shown.

•  A teaspoon of grated orange zest adds a little punch.

•  I used walnuts in this recipe, but other options are pecans and black





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Slices of our delicious Best Pumpkin Bread.
Pans of our delicious Pumpkin Bread batter ready to bake.
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