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Simple Sangria


I've read that sangria originated in Spain and Portugal, which makes sense



since there are wonderful wines that come from both countries.  It traditionally



contains wine, fruit, and liquor.  Well, in this case I am not one to break with



tradition.  I have found out, however, that it is not something that can just be



thrown together.  Alsothe addition of sugar is necessary to bring all the



flavors together.

Simple Sangria



  1 lemon, thinly sliced


•  1 orange, thinly sliced


  ¼ cup superfine sugar


  ½ cup of a good orange-flavored liqueur, like Triple-Sec or Gran 


  ½ gallon red Burgundy wine (I use red moscata, it's lighter in taste)


•  ½ cup of a good brandy or cognac, like Paul Masson or Hennessy


•  1 quart club soda



You will need a large glass container with a lid that seals. (for





1.  In the glass container, layer the citrus slices and the sugar; slowly



     pour in the orange liqueur and red wine.  Gently stir the mixture



     several times and refrigerate a few hours or even better,




2.  Add the brandy; continue chilling until ready to serve.  Add ice to



     the serving glasses; pour the sangria over the ice.





























  You can also add lime, apple, cherries or pineapple.  

  Glass cups are a great way to serve sangria on a buffet.  Wine glasses



    works well too.





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Garnishes for our Simple Sangria Recipe. The perfect summer party drink. #simplesangria #bestsangriarecipe #easysangriarecipe
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