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Crockpot Mongolian-Style Beef

This recipe requires more ingredients than I usually like to work with, but the result makes it worthwhile. Plus, the leftovers freeze beautifully.  I like to cook the whole recipe and then divide up the leftovers into single servings before freezing using my Food Saver.

This recipe is not quick-cooking like stir-fry so less tender cuts of meat can be used.


About the Ingredients


•  ½ cup soy sauce

•  1 Tbsp toasted sesame oil

•  ½ cup brown sugar, packed

•  2 Tbsp ginger, peeled and finely chopped

•  2-4 cloves garlic, minced

•  2½ to 3 lb beef roast* or stew meat 

•  ½ cup all-purpose flour

•  ¼ to ½ cup vegetable oil

•  1 cup beef stock**


•  2 tsp vinegar

•  1 cup carrots, julienned



1.   Prepare medium crockpot by using cooking spray or liner. 

     Set to low and start.

2.  Whisk together in small bowl the soy sauce, sesame oil,

     brown sugar, ginger and garlic until thoroughly combined;

     pour into crockpot.

3.  In large zip bag, toss the beef with flour to coat thoroughly;                   discard bag and extra flour.

4.  In large skillet, heat about 3 tablespoons  of oil over

     medium-high heat. Add about half the beef, stirring to brown             each piece.  Transfer to crockpot and repeat with more oil and           remaining beef.

5.  Add stock to skillet, heat to boiling while scraping up any bits

      on the skillet bottom. Add to crockpot, gently stir to combine.              Cover and cook on low setting up to 10 hours until beef is tender.        Start checking after 8 hours.

6.  Add carrots and vinegar to crockpot, stir and cook an

      additional 30 minutes.

7.  Serve with rice or noodles.  Garnish with julienned green

      onions and/or sesame seed.


•  The soy sauce and the bouillon contain salt so taste before

    adding any extra.

  *If necessary, cut into 1½-inch pieces or ½-inch thick slices           

**If you don't have beef stock, try Better Than Bouillon

       I use it all the time and it adds great flavor. 


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Beef cubes ready to brown.
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