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Sunday Pot Roast                                             8 servings

When I was growing up, Sunday supper usually meant fried chicken or maybe chicken and dumplings. 


Steaks were unknown at our house, but stew beef was prepared on a regular basis.  But my favorite (and


my dad's) was the Sunday Pot Roast made by my grandmother.  It was usually a large chuck roast,


browned and then cooked with all its glorious juices until it was fork tender.  It would literally melt in your


mouth.  She served it with mashed potatoes and green beans (both from the garden).  This is as close as I


can get to that recipe.  My family loves it!



•  1 beef roast (4 to 5 lbs), I use chuck

•  Cooking oil (for browning)


•  1 cup chopped onions

•  1 cup chopped celery

•  1 cup chopped carrots

•  1 cup beef or chicken stock**

•  1 cup of a good cooking wine (or stock)

You will need a large heavy pot with a lid, like a Dutch oven.



1.  Add about ¼ cup oil to pan; cook the roast on medium high to get a good browning (searing) on all sides.

2.  Remove roast and set aside; add vegetables and brown*.  Add the roast back to pan along with the stock and wine.


     Add enough water to just cover the roast; add cover.

3.  Simmer 3 to 4 hours (or longer); turning the roast once.  Remove roast to a warm platter and let rest.  To thicken



      stock, mix ¼ cup water with 2 Tbsp flour; blend thoroughly.  Add to stock.

*Browning the vegetables will give the gravy more flavor.  

       **I use Better than Bouillon when I don't have stock.  


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