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Fried Green Tomatoes


Just about every Southern cook has their way of preparing a recipe.  It's hard to believe there are as many recipes for fried green tomatoes as there are.  We all like to think that our recipe is the best, but it's all a matter of taste or really what tastes good to you.


I love cornbread,  but I don't like to use cornmeal as a coating*, especially in this recipe.  So I use tend to use more flour and less cornmeal.  Sometimes I omit the cornmeal altogether and use just flour.  A thin coating on my fried tomatoes is more appealing to me.


It is best to assemble the ingredients as I did in the first 3 steps of the instructions.  If you like a sauce to dip your tomatoes in, try ranch dressing, remoulade sauce or even bleu cheese.

If you prefer a little "bite", put 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper in the final dredging mixture.



•  1 egg

•  ½ cup buttermilk

•  ¾ cup self-rising flour** plus ¼ cup for dredging

•  1 tsp salt

•  ½ tsp black pepper

•  3 green tomatoes, cut into 1/3-inch slices

•  Vegetable oil for frying, the amount depends on the size of the pan.


1.   In a small baking pan, place the ¼ cup flour.    

2. Thoroughly mix egg and buttermilk; set aside. 

3.  Whisk together the ¾ cup flour, salt and pepper.

4.  Following the order above, dredge the slices in the flour, the egg mixture,             and the flour, salt and pepper

5.  Heat ¼ to ½-inch of oil to 375°F in a large skillet.  Gently drop the tomato               slices into the hot oil in batches and cook until golden brown on each side,         about 2 minutes; watch carefully so they won't burn.  Drain on several                   layers of paper towels.


•  You can use ¼ c flour and ½ cup cornmeal (ground more in the food


    processor if you choose) in the last dredging mixture. 




*  I have processed the cornmeal a little finer and it worked better.

**  Self-rising flour tends to give a lighter coating.


fried green tomatoes, green tomatoes

A colander full of green and ripe tomatoes.
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