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Simple Squash Patties

One of the true signs of summer is picking squash.  I love to pick them when they are 6 to 8 inches long before they get too big and the skin gets too tough.  This recipe is one that I use when I don't have enough squash for a casserole.  The ingredients are few and simple.


•  2 cups grated squash* (or 2 medium)

•  ½ onion, finely chopped

•  1 tsp salt

•  ½ tsp black pepper

•  2/3 cup breadcrumbs 

•  1/3 cup shredded cheddar cheese

•  2 eggs, beaten

•  Oil to fry, starting with 2 tablespoons


1.  Mix squash, onion and salt; place in a colander to drain at least 30 minutes to draw out the moisture.  Squeeze the         squash mixture with your hands to remove as much liquid as you can.  And then squeeze again!  

2.  Place squash mixture in a bowl then add pepper, breadcrumbs, cheese and eggs, mix well.  Using ¼ cup as a                   measure, make a firm ball and shape into patties.

3.  Place oil in frying pan and heat to medium high, fry patties until  brown on each side. Turn down the heat if they                  start browning too quickly.



•   You want the mixture to hold together without being too wet or crumbly.

•   You can use Panko or 6 tablespoons flour instead of the breadcrumbs. 

•  Adding finely diced sweet pepper, granulated garlic or chives (in small amounts) will add more flavor and color.

•  These make great appetizers, just use a heaping tablespoon for each one.


*You can use green or yellow zucchini to make these, but only use the smaller squash.


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Yellow squash before it is picked.  #RawYellowSquash #YellowSquash
Squash Patties on a plate.  #SquashPatties
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