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Cranberry Chicken (or Turkey)Salad



Our Cranberry Chicken Salad is so full of flavor and easy to make.  









































About the Ingredients

•  Chicken-Grill it, bake it, whatever is easiest for you. When I make chicken



   stock, I usually add several extra chicken breasts to the pot to cook and take



   them out when they are done.  If I'm not using them right away, they go into



   Food Saver bags and then placed in the freezer.



•  Celery-Fresh is best when it comes to this versatile stalk.  I use celery in so



    many things and I love the crunch it gives this salad.



•  Candied nuts-They add so much flavor and takes this dish up a notch.



•  Craisins-During the holiday seasons, they are used in many recipes at our



   home. They add an additional layer of flavor to this recipe.



•  Mayonnaise-Definitely a personal choice, especially for Southerners.  The



   main thing is to use a quality product.  I like to use just enough to bring things



   together; too much and it hides the flavors of the ingredients.


This versatile and colorful chicken salad is so delicious.  It can be used for a tea



sandwich for a luncheon or shower, on a buffet in a pastry shell or a midnight















Cranberry Chicken Salad




• 2 to 2½ cups chopped, cooked chicken breasts (boneless and skinless)

•  ½ cup chopped celery, ¼-inch dice


•  ¼ cup chopped candied nuts (walnuts or pecans)


•  ¼ cup  sweetened dried cranberries


•  ½ cup mayonnaise (can use up to ¾ cup if it seems too dry)


•  Salt and pepper to taste


1.  In a large bowl, fold everything together with a light touch.

2.  Store in a large container with a tight lid; refrigerate until needed.



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