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Homemade Vanilla



•  Vanilla beans (6 per each cup of liquor)  click here for beans


•  Liquor (at least 80 proof of vodka), brandy or bourbon



•  Jar with a tight sealing lid, size depends on the amount you're making.  I use these.



1.  Slit each vanilla bean lengthwise, then cut into 2-inch pieces.  This exposes more bean (and seeds) to the liquor.

2.  Add liquor and beans to the container.  Seal, then shake a few times.  I try to shake every day but I usually end up

      shaking the container when I see or remember it.  Store it in a cabinet where it's dark.

3.  You can start using it in about 3 months.  It truly gets better as it ages.  After a couple of uses, top it off with more



      liquor.  Not too much, a little at a time and don't remove the beans.


•  For gift-giving,  strain the vanilla (save the beans) into a nice bottle (I like these) and add 1 vanilla bean.  The bean can



    be cut in half if need be.  Always keep the beans submerged, whether making or gifting the vanilla.

•  Vanilla will last almost indefinitely, especially if it has been strained.  

•  Brandy with vanilla beans makes a wonderful liqueur.



•  Never use plastic to store vanilla, ever!

•  Don't worry about the teeny tiny vanilla seeds if they are left in the vanilla;



    that is where a lot of the flavor comes from.

Flip top jars with measurements.
Flip top bottles with extras.
Tiny vanilla seeds on a knife tip.
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