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Rustic Herbal Sea Salt

Outside of desserts, we put salt on just about anything and everything.  Well, here is a simple recipe to step it up a notch.  And it is certainly not limited to the ingredients offered here.  

Our Rustic Herbal Sea Salt makes the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys cooking.  It takes plain mashed potatoes and rice to a whole other level.  And it's great on steak or chicken!  We're giving you our basic blend plus a few more options.  You will love our Saffron Sea Salt!  

The herbs don't have to be processed any more to be mixed with the sea salt.  I happen to like the texture.  If you want it more refined,just put the salt and herbs in your food processor, being careful not to make the pieces too small.  I like the size of this one for smaller jobs.

I like to give the Rustic Herbal Sea Salt as gifts, usually as 2 or 3 different flavors.  These little flip-tops jars are the perfect way to present your gift.  They are 3.4 oz and come with chalkboard labels.

About the Ingredients

•  Sea salt-I personally like Mediterranean or Himalayan sea salt.   This recipe         requires 2 cups of salt (can be easily doubled or tripled).

•  Herbs-I prefer freeze dried but you can use dried or fresh*.  You can use               blends like Italian from Simply Organics or Lite House.  There are other blends      available too just in case you don't want to create your own.  See ideas below.

•  Garlic-Freeze-dried, dried or fresh*.  This added to other blends gives more         flavor.


•  Saffron-I have found mine in a  specialty food store.  Here is a link for it also.

Rustic Sea Salt


•  2 cups coarse Mediterranean sea salt

•  1 tsp each:





    Garlic (if using granulated, use about ½ tsp)



1. Combine all ingredients in a small bowl.  Store in tighly-sealed jars.


•  For saffron sea salt, use a large pinch of saffron per cup of coarse sea salt.  It



   can be chopped before mixing, but I like leaving the strands whole.

*You can buy fresh herbs in the grocery stores now.  Pick them off the stems



  (discard) and lay on a sheet pan.  Dry them on your lowest oven setting for 10



  minutes, turn off the oven (do not open door), and leave in oven for an hour.



  Hint: By cutting the herbs into smaller pieces, they will dry faster.  I like to use



  these scissors to do that.



Our rustic sea salt herbal blend with a pestle.
Rustic Herbal Sea Salt Ingredients
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