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How to Make Lemon Extract

According to the Oxford Dictionary, extract is a preparation containing




the active ingredient of a substance in concentrated form.  It's that




simple and so is this recipe.  It's just 2 ingredients-lemons and vodka.

Use a sharp peeler with a light touch to avoid getting too much of the



white pith from the lemons.

I love the flip top bottles and jars, especially when doing things like this. 



One of my new favorites is the mini printer (shown above).  I can print one



label or several.  This works really well for doing things like my recipe for



Lemon Extract.  It connects to your phone so the designs are endless.





If you want to give our Simple Lemon Extract for a gift, it needs a minimum




of two months to process.  After straining into a decorative bottle, add a




piece or two of fresh zest in the bottle.


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Lemon zest ready to be used in our Simple Lemon Extract.


Simple Lemon Extract




•  3 or 4 lemons

•  Vodka (high proof to get the best results

You will need a jar with a tight-fitting lid, non-corrosive, a zest peeler,




and a label with the starting date.


1.  Wash and dry the lemons.

2. Using the peeler, remove the skin of the lemons in strips, removing




    only the colorful skin.  Try to avoiling the white pith underneath; it will

    add bitterness if there is too much.


3.  Fill you jar with the lemon strips(pack down if necessary)

4.  Pour in the vodka, making sure it covers the peels.  Add lid, seal, and





5.  Sit the jar aside in a cool, dark place.  I use an upper cabinet away




     from the stove.

6.  It will take up to 2 months for the alcohol to extract the lemon



     essence from the peels.  I like to shake it about twice a week to




     further the process.  After the time is up, check the extract for




     strength; not strong enough for you, leave it longer.  You can use it




     during this time, just pouring off what you need.


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