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I have learned that an organized home is most often clutter-free.  Also, I have



heard that we spend the first two-thirds of our life collecting stuff and the last



third, getting rid of it.  I can truly believe it!   Keep it simple as they say!  

I do know that as I have gotten older, and there are no children at home, it is

much easier to stay organized.  Mostly because I have thrown away or



donated something every week.  I keep an empty paper grocery bag with



handles nearby to place donations in.


So often we have collections that are packed away, sometimes never to be



seen again!  Part of my problem is that so many of these things that I'd kept

have a memory associated with them.  And one thing that I have come to



realize is that it's my memory and no one else's.  So I decided some time ago



to "let it go".  There is a saying that's been around a while that says, "One man's



trash is another man's treasure".  

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