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Planting Potatoes

It doesn't matter if you have an acre of land to plant or just a balcony.

anyone can plant potatoes.  Although it can be done in pots or



baskets, the best option for those with limited space is a potato



planter*. They are so easy to use and the best part-they have a flap on



the side that can be used to collect the potatoes.  

Freshly dug potatoes.

Last year we had problems with grubs taking bites out of our potatoes

and sweet potatoes, so this year we're taking a different approach.  I

do garden organically, so no chemical pesticides or insecticides.  And



always use natural fertilizers compost or worm casings.


You will need:

•  Potato grow bags with flaps (helps to see the progress)

•  Good soil, possibly mixed with compost, coco fiber, a little sand, etc.

    Use what you have.  Here I use a brand called Daddy Pete's, but I do


    mix it with whatever I have at the time.  Right now I am adding a little

    coco fiber, compost, finely ground egg shells, and a little sand.

•  Dried leaves, chopped (optional)

•  Fertilizer, 5-10-10 which is Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium; use

   organic if possible.  10-10-10 is a popular all-purpose fertilizer.

•  Seed potatoes or potatoes that are starting to sprout.

Layering a grow bag to plant potatoes.
Soil layer 3-inches
Leaf layer 3-inches
Seed potatoes > >
Soil layer 6-inches
Bottom leaf layer 6-inches


1.   In the bottom of the bag, I put a good layer or leaves, about 6-inches




     deep.  The leaves will compress down as the potatoes grow. 




     We use the vacuum on our mower, so there is a good mixture of




     chopped leaves to use.  On top of the leaves sprinkle a LIGHT layer




     of 5-10-10 fertilizer*.


2.  Add a 6-inch layer of rich soil; add a LIGHT layer of 5-10-10  fertilizer;          then add a 6-inch MIXURE of soil and leaves into the last layer.

​​​3.  Lay your "seed potatoes", eyes facing up, on top of the last layer.

     Sprinkle with enough leaves to cover the seed potatoes, then with a

     2 to 3-inch layer of soil.  As the potatoes start growing, continue

     adding 3-inch layers of a MIXTURE of the leaves and soil as the

     potatoes peek through each layer until you reach the top of the

     bag.  I have planted potatoes this way for years and they are so

     easy to harvest.  And cleaner than when you use just soil.

Seed potatoes ready to be covered.

*You can also use this same technique when planting in rows.  Dig



   trenches 8-inches deep,  add a 3 to 4-inch layer of leaves, a LIGHT



   sprinkle of fertilizer, 3 to 4-inches of soil with fertilizer mixed in, seed



   potatoes, then a 3 to 4-inch MIXTURE of the leaves and soil; repeat



   this as the potatoes peek through each layer until you have a about



   a 6-inch mound on top of the row.  Doing this will increase your yield. 

Potatoes that have had the soil "hilled" around them.
Blooming potatoes that have had the soiled hilled around them.
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