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I have loved hydrangeas just about all of my life.  If I could have only one plant in my yard, it would be a hydrangea.  And probably a white one.

White Hydrangeas


Hydrangeas come in hundreds, if not thousands of colors.  I was told by a nursery owner that if the same variety of one was planted in five different locations, that the colors would change, especially after the first year.  I used to have some pinks but most have changed to shades of blue and lavenders over the years.  I especially love the white blossoms that have tinges of blue and green.


How to propagate

I take cuttings of the new growth that  as 4 to 6 leaves, strip off all but 3 leaves and stick in a well-drained soil mix up to the bottom leaf.  If any of the remaining leaves are large, I cut them in half.  If I am doing just a few cuttings, I will put them in a pot and slip a plastic bag on top to give added humidity.  Here is a great video on propagation.  Southern Living also has great information on taking care of these beautiful plants.


Where to Plant

It really does make a difference where hydrangeas are planted.  Mine usually get the morning sun or late afternoon sun, usually 4 to 6 hours.  We are in the Western piedmont of North Carolina so we do get hot summers.


Tips & Ideas

I love to garden and have for years but I am NOT an expert, not by any means.  And like most gardeners, I have my way of doing things.  With that said, here are some of my tips and ideas.

•  During planting season, I always check out the plants that are "past their prime" in the     garden section of places like Home Depot and Lowe's.  They are usually marked down     and most of the time, because they haven't been watered.  Once I get them home,           before I do anything else, I soak them in a bucket of tepid water overnight.  If they are       wilted, they usually perk up.  And like my mother, I put a tad of Epsom salts in the                 bottom of the hole and mix it in before planting.

•  Sometimes I will see a hydrangea that has 5 or 6 branches and if it's one that I REALLY        like,  I will buy it, bring it home, and give it a good soak if it seems dry.   I wait until the next day to take cuttings, but I will only take 2 or 3 because I don't want to                      weaken the main plant.  It will eventually be put it in the garden.

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