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Roasted Cabbage Steaks




One of my good friends told me about this recipe several years ago




and it quickly became one of my favorites.  It's such a simple recipe to




make but packs a lot of flavor.  

When buying a head of cabbage, I always look for a head that is




blemish-free but it must be heavy too.  In a heavier head of cabbage




the leaves are more compacted and that means the slices will hold




together so much better.  

Roasted Cabbage Steak


Roasted Cabbage Steaks (slices)


•  1 head cabbage

•  Olive Oil

•  Seasonings of choice (see options below)

Preheat oven to 400°F.   Line baking pan with foil; brush with olive oil.


1.   Remove the loose outer leaves of the cabbage; wash.  Trim stem


    even with cabbage.   

2.  Cut cabbage into about 1¼ inch steaks from top to stem end.  Brush   

     both sides with olive oil and season with granulated garlic, sea salt                 

     and fresh cracked pepper.

3.  Bake for 40 minutes or until edges and browned and crispy.


•  A dash of cayenne pepper adds a little zip of flavor.

•  Italian seasoning mixed with olive oil and brushed on the steaks.

•  After cooking, pour some of your favorite dressing over the steaks.



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