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Easy Crepes                                                                                                                                makes about 12 crepes




•  1 cup baking mix

•  ¾ cup milk

•  2 eggs 

You will need a lightly greased 6 to 7-inch skillet.


1.  Heat the skillet until hot.

2.  In a medium bowl, beat all ingredients with a hand mixer until smooth.

3.  For each crepe, pour 2 tablespoons of batter into the skillet; rotate the skillet until the batter covers the bottom.



      Cook until golden brown; loosen the edge and flip to the other side; cook that side until golden brown.

4.  Placing parchment paper in between, stack the crepes; keep them covered to prevent them from drying out.


•  To refrigerate; stack 6 crepes together with parchment paper in between; place in a zip-top bag; use within 2 days.


    Freeze no longer than 2 months.





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Easy Crepes with fresh fruit and whipped cream.
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