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Homemade Kuhlua                                              Makes about 1½ quarts




•  2 cups boiling water

•  4 cups sugar

•  3 ounces of instant coffee

•  1 fifth of a good vodka

•  1 vanilla bean (slit in a few places along the length)

You will need a 2 quart container with a sealable top (do not use plastic)


1.  In a large bowl, mix the water, sugar and coffee together, making sure that the sugar is dissolved.




2.  Add the vodka and vanilla bean; mix thoroughly.

3.  Pour all the ingredients into the sealable container; seal; let sit in a dark place for a month (or longer).

     The flavor improves with time.


•  Vanilla beans

•  Glass flip-top jars


homemade kuhlua, best homemade kuhlua

A glass of homemade Kuhlua over ice.
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