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Serendipity means " luck in finding valuable things unintentionally".  While some people love to shop for clothes or shoes, I love shopping for my home and kitchen.  As I've gotten older, I have weeded out  (donated) a lot of things that I haven't used very often.  But there are still some things that I like to have around, even though some may not be necessary for my Southern lifestyle.  Below are a few of those things.

The best garlic press that I have ever used.
A vintage-looking tiered tray for the perfect tea party.
The most fabulous pasta bowls that I have ever used..
A selection of cutting boards. for every need.
The best grill pan that I have ever used.
My favorite immersion blender with attachments.
The most versatile flip-top jars with measurements.
The best onion soup bowls from Le Tauci.
The best flip-top bottles for vanilla and vinegars.
The best adjustable aprons for use in the kitchen.
Ceramic trays for holding you oils and vinegars.
Small flip-top jars that are perfect for spices.
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